Geothermal Energy & How It Works

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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal systems uses renewable energy resources that are efficient and environment friendly. Adopting this mechanism helps reduce your bills by 30%-70%, at the same time replacing fossil fuel and reducing air pollutants by a large percentage.

Geothermal systems are beneficial in several ways:

Safe, Quiet and Invisible: They do not produce carbon emissions; hence there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are no flames or large tanks that may explode. There are no separate, noisy, electrical hob or outdoor equipment or fans to maintain or affect outdoor activities and are quieter than furnaces. Geothermal systems require smaller mechanical rooms than other HVAC systems. There are no complicated temperature control systems and large high-volume fans and duct work.

Economical: Installation in new homes is guaranteed to be 10% less than other fuel sources while energy bills are lower. Hot water is produced as a by product and at no extra charge. Moreover, because geothermal systems are a more efficient cooling technology, even at peak demand times, they can offer cost savings in cooling conditions compared to conventional systems. Maintenance costs are cheaper and grants and rebates as well as federal and provincial incentives are present for those installing geothermal systems

Green: Instead of burning fuel that creates harmful emissions into the environment, geothermal systems are environment friendly, using the Earth’s natural heat. Ground Source Heat Pump systems are considered the most energy efficient heating, cooling and water heating systems, as they decrease energy use by moving heat instead of creating it. Factory-sealed refrigeration systems which do not require recharging mean minimal affect on the ozone layer while the loop system requires no external venting thus creating less air pollution.

Reliable and Guaranteed: geothermal systems last twice as long as conventional systems. They provide a superior indoor air quality, and a superior uniform temperature control throughout your home. A decentralized design means that in case of equipment failure, the only affected zone is where the equipment is located. Moreover, geothermal systems are more reliable than rising oil prices.

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How It Works

Geothermal is a method of heating or cooling indoor space by transferring the hot or cold energy stored underground. The temperature 6ft below the earth’s surface is constant at 50°F or 10°C throughout the year. Geothermal energy uses the sub-surface temperature of the earth to provide heating and cooling.

Geothermal systems move this energy using a heat pump to move an environmentally friendly fluid through a series of buried pipes and then distribute it throughout the building. Very little electricity is used to move the fluid and drive the heat pump for the production of cool air and no fuel is burnt to produce heat.

A bonus of the geothermal system is the production of hot water as a by-product, which can be used for multiple purposes.

Geothermal Heat Pump: A geothermal heat pump is equipment that uses ground or ground water to source thermal energy to heat a building or as a thermal energy sink to cool a building. Ground source heat pumps are also known as geothermal heat pumps.

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