Groundheat Solar Wind Corp.
Renewable Energy Plant (GREP)

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We design and build innovative, efficient and cost effective renewable energy plants. Our branded energy plants are called Groundheat Energy Services Ltd. Renewable Energy Plant (GREP CAN-x). Groundheat Energy Services Ltd.’s GREPs are design-built to harvest and transform the natural heat underground and other sources into consumer grade energy to meet the heating, cooling and hot water needs of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

Our energy plants have geothermal energy fields at their core to supply direct heat/cooling energy and as underground thermal energy storage (UTES) tanks.

Groundheat Energy Services Ltd. Renewable Energy Plants (GREP) have three main components:

-Loop Field –liquid heat exchange medium & UTES
-Heat Pump Station
-Distribution System (Ductwork)

Groundheat Energy Services Ltd. geothermal energy solutions are delivered from standalone energy plants to networked district energy distribution platforms. Groundheat Energy Services Ltd. integrates other renewable energy from solar, wind, biomass, and heat recovery.

Ready To Save 50 – 70% Off Your Energy Bill?