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The renewable energy technology experts at Groundheat Solar Wind Corp and our mechanical engineering partners deliver comprehensive solutions. Our projects range from small residential buildings to large institutional blue chip clients. Our advanced research capabilities give us a key competitive advantage, enabling us to develop innovative solutions to complex geothermal energy problems. Groundheat Solar Wind Corp is the go-to geothermal energy expert consultant to some of the largest mechanical engineering and general contractors in North America and Europe.

Energy Management

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp. offers energy management solutions in:

  •  Renewable Energy Feasibility Analysis
  •  Energy Modeling
  •  Energy Audits
  •  Economic Analysis for Geothermal Energy Systems
energy management

Project Management


We offer our clients complete one-stop project management solutions from small to large complex projects.

A key advantage of Groundheat Solar Wind Corp is its ability to deliver total renewable energy projects, both small and large. Our knowledge and expertise along with our 28 years of experience in our industry offers our clients peace of mind.

Renewable Energy Systems Design & Engineering

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp works with the most innovative and experienced mechanical engineers to custom design our GREP plants from single residential homes to city district energy infrastructures.

  •  District Energy Infrastructure Design
  •  Patented Loop Field Technologies
  •  Co-Gen and Tri-Gen
  •  Geothermal Conductivity Testing
  •  Design and construction of mechanical rooms

Loop Field Construction – Drilling & Installation


Groundheat Solar Wind Corp’s project execution ranges from small to large scale geothermal systems within North America and Europe. With our strategic network partners across North America and Europe, Groundheat Solar Wind Corp offers:

  •  Loop field drilling
  •  Loop field pipe installation and grouting
  •  Installation of heat pumps
  •  Tie-ins
  •  Flushing and purging

Operation, Maintenance & Management

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp provides complete operation, maintenance, and management of each project’s geothermal infrastructure, from a single residential unit to complete district energy infrastructures. We train our clients’ existing staff to run on-site plants and also set up comprehensive internal management units. Alternatively, clients can outsource the operation, maintenance and management function back to Groundheat Solar Wind Corp. This model will ensure reduction in overall operation costs and cheaper prices for end users.

loop field construction

Energy Monitoring


Groundheat Solar Wind Corp, through its subsidiary Groundheat Solar Wind Corp EMS, offers its web based comprehensive monitoring, trouble shooting and energy management solutions to its customers.

Feel free to send us a message and request a free quote.

Support Services

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp is committed to the development, growth and success of the geothermal energy industry. We offer the following services to our industry partners:

  •  Drilling and Construction Equipment – Renting and Leasing
  •  Transportation and Logistics
  •  Drilling Waste Management

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