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Energy Comes Naturally

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp Energy Services

Welcome to Groundheat Solar Wind Corp. We are a leading Renewable Energy General Contractor engaged in building, operating, owning and maintaining our custom Renewable Energy Plants. The Groundheat Renewable Energy Plants (GREP) can be implemented for standalone buildings or networked as District Energy. We offer our clients complete one-stop project management solutions.

We partner with leading mechanical engineering and renewable energy design firms to custom design and engineer efficient, cost-effective and economically viable renewable energy plants. This includes heating, cooling and domestic hot water for residential, commercial and institutional buildings and facilities. We use geothermal energy fields as the plant core energy source as well as an underground thermal energy storage (UTES) bank. We integrate other renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and wastewater heat recovering and biomass to increase the efficiency of our renewable energy plants.

From Inception To Implementation

We make geothermal energy your future. Groundheat Solar Wind Corp delivers cost-effective solutions for geothermal design, construction and installation, as well as a feasibility analysis, economic assessment, savings calculation and life-cycle cost analysis for the system.

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp’s project execution ranges from small to large scale geothermal systems where we offer loop field drilling, loop field pipe installation, grouting, design and construction of mechanical rooms, and the installation of heat pumps and tie-ins. Groundheat Energy Services Ltd. also offers complete operation, maintenance and management of the geothermal infrastructure.

Heat Up Your Home, Cool Down Your Bills

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp offers a geothermal system design that is suited to your home and can help save up to 50-70%off annual utility bills. Installation in new homes is guaranteed to be10% less than other fuel sources while maintenance costs are considerably cheaper. Geothermal systems are a more efficient cooling technology, even at peak demand times, and are unaffected by fluctuating energy prices, thus offering cost savings in cooling conditions compared to conventional systems.

Pollution Free Solutions

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp uses ground source heat pump systems which are considered to be the most energy efficient heating, cooling and water heating systems as they decrease energy use by moving heat instead of creating it. Geothermal systems conserve natural resources, thus lowering harmful emissions into the environment. A factory-sealed refrigeration system has minimal effect on the ozone layer while our loop system requires no external venting, thus there are no carbon emissions, flame, large tank or line to explode and no noisy electrical hub.

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