Founder Gino and Professor Frank Hooper, inventor and original pioneer of geothermal and geothermal research in Canada (between 1948 and 1952). One of the first to demo in Passive Homes (Carrying Place-King City 1981) Founder Gino and Angelo De Gasperis, Head of Condrain (Stockholm, Sweden 1986). In recognition of geothermal support, the Swedish government invited a handful of contractors and clients to witness the large district heating in Malmo and Stockholm, supplying a community of 50,000 using Baltic Sea water (ASEA and STAHL). De Gasperis is a pioneer-partner who supported geothermal from it’s humble beginnings. He is one of three brothers that founded Condrain, Metrus and most recently Condor and Countrywide Homes. Archaeology findings in Rome before drilling, 2000 year old cart track Victoria Commons project drilling rig in flood zone