International Leaders in Green Energy

Since our inception we have completed major commercial, institutional, industrial and residential projects across the world, including Canada, USA, Italy, Poland, South Korea and China.

Experienced Team of Engineers

With over 30 years of experience, our team of engineering experts and field service providers have constructed a countless number of heating and cooling systems to date for mechanical consultants, contractors and more.

Save Up To 70% On Your Energy Bill

We custom design and engineer efficient, cost-effective and economically viable renewable energy plants. Save on your energy bill through our use of geothermal energy fields.

Welcome to Groundheat

Groundheat is a geothermal energy service provider with over 30 years of expertise. We design and build geothermal energy plants to produce and supply renewable energy from the free natural sun stored in the ground.

This energy can be used for heating, cooling and hot water requirements for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Our geothermal technologies can provide up to 60% of your buildings energy.

We use our proprietary technologies and our expertise to:

  • Research and develop geothermal technologies
  • Design, engineer and build geothermal energy systems/plants
  • Produce energy by harvesting and transforming natural heat stored in the ground into consumer grade energy
  • Supply renewable energy
  • Operate and manage geothermal energy systems

Over 40 Years

of Experience

Why Geothermal Energy?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Geothermal energy can reduce your CO2 emissions by 60%, when displacing electricity for cooling as well as propane, oil, or natural gas for heating.

Fast Implementation

Project installation can be completed within months and can save you plenty. Our product also attaches easily to existing systems and parts.

No Open Land Needed

As geothermal energy takes place underground, you will not require a designated piece of land. We install underground, under buildings and under parking lots.

Absolutely No Noise

Grass, a parking lot, or buildings will cover the geothermal system. Therefore, you will never be disturbed by any noises.

Low Maintenance, Quality Structure

Maintenance reduction can be reduced by up to 70% with geothermal energy. The infrastructure has more than 50 years of life and is very safe.

Our Portfolio

Canadian Projects

Groundheat has completed projects for many Canadian companies, including Remington Centre Markham, Walmart Burlington, YMCA Cedar Glen and more.

International Projects

Groundheat also has experience with international projects, such as Mezzaroma Italy, Ikea Milano, Gucci Italy, Rione Rinascimento Roma and more.

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Geothermal District Systems

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