In a time where energy costs are rising substantially – businesses and large institutions are looking to cut their running costs in order to increase their profit margin. Not only are you saving money on these systems , you are providing the best air quality and an effective utility model in relation to the space that you will be covering.

The benefits of using a geothermal system on institutions such as schools, churches, jails, schools and other large commercial ventures is that you will lower your fixed costs and save on the maintenance cost by 7% to 10% each year. These systems have flexibility and durability – a building can be heated in one section while simultaneously cooling in another to offer total comfort control. Essentially, you would be bringing the world’s most effective and energy-efficient heating and cooling system to large institutions. Groundheat has the expertise to not disturb the original architectural setting of large institutions and their experience allows them to base installations on cost-efficient models. The greater the space that is being worked on, the more the capital cost per square foot reduces.

Services Include

  • Energy Management
    Renewable Energy Feasibility Analysis, Energy Modelling, Energy Audits, Economic Analysis for Geothermal Energy Systems
  • Project Management
  • Renewable Energy Systems Design and Engineering
    District Energy Infrastructure Design, Patent Loop Field Technologies, Co-Gen and Tri-Gen, Geothermal Conductivity Testing, Design and Construction of Mechanical Rooms
  • Loop Field Construction - Drilling and Installation
    Loop Field Drilling, Loop Field Pipe Installation and Grouting, Installation of Heat Pumps, Tie-Ins, Flushing and Purging
  • Operation Maintenance and Management
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Support Services
    Drilling and Construction Equipment - Renting and Leasing, Transportation and Logistics, Drilling Waste Management

Our Process

The Groundheat Solar Wind Corp process is designed to take the client through step-by-step decision points, especially for large and complex projects. This provides our clients with effective risk management, reducing their investment risk by providing them with relevant and complete feedback and analysis.