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In order to use Ground source heat, it is necessary to drill bore holes that will function as supply and return. These boreholes in conjunction with Ground source heat pumps will ensure most efficient heating and cooling systems.

Our proficient drilling crew and state of art machinery can handle any complex geothermal drilling. We offer variety of drilling services including geothermal installations & conductivity tests. We are capable of drilling in most ground conditions from sand /gravel type to solid rock formations.

Groundheat Solar Wind Corp is dedicated to use the latest drilling technology, safest drilling methodology in compliance with Ministry of Environment regulations.

Our drilling service will include:

  • Vertical Drilling and loop Installation
  • Working with a geothermal loop system, Geothermal systems can access the earth’s heat which is normally between 50F to 70F,
  • Groundheat energy services uses horizontal loops in rural areas due to land space, Vertical loops in urban areas due to limited space and pond loops that have nearby river or ponds.

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