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Growth of Renewable Energy in Canada

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Green Horizon up ahead

The way the world is going – we can see plenty of green in our future. We can safely say that there is going to be a future in renewable energy as technology develops and there will be a constantly growing demand for energy with the population increasing – and sustainable energy demand will continue to accelerate. Here in cold Canada we see a bright future for our astronomical heating and cooling bills.

Currently there are over 100 000 geothermal heating systems installed in homes and businesses across the country. Canada is an aspiring world leader in the production and use of energy from renewable resources. Renewable energy sources currently provide about 16.9% of Canada’s total primary energy supply.

Canada has an exceptionally large landmass and diversified geography; we have substantial renewable resources that can be used to produce energy; one of these resources is Geothermal Energy – and that is where Groundheat comes in. With Groundheat you are involving many levels of expertise to create the solution that is tailor made for you. A multi – faceted company with a renewable energy focus – exactly what Canada needs to become green – even in the winter!

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